Polarized Test: How to Tell If Sunglasses Are Polarized?
You can better understand the edema of a good pair of polarized sunglasses when sailing on a boat or fishing. Polarized sunglasses do more than just add cool style. Because a good pair of polarized sunglasses also provides UV protection. polarizing filters; They reduce glare from light from water, the road or glass.

What Does Polarized Mean?
Polarized sunglasses are treated with a chemical. It can be applied as a coating or embedded in glass. The intended purpose: to provide a significant reduction in glare.
The event that enables us to see things is the reflection of light from those objects. The light reflected from any object allows us to see that object clearly. When the sun is bright, light is reflected from every surface it touches. This is more so on highly reflective surfaces such as open waters. The light is scattered everywhere and makes it difficult for us to see.
The coating on polarized sunglasses is the key factor here. While absorbing horizontal light rays reflected from water or shiny surface; vertical rays can still pass through, but the glare of reflected light is eliminated.