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Adjustable Steel Silicone Eyeglass Strap
NEW -23 %
Model: SK-001
Aesthetics and comfort are provided by coating the outer surface with silicon inside, which is reinforced with steel.Since the parts that go to the temple tips are made of silicone, it easily adapts to all sizes of glasses.It can be adjusted to the desired size with its adjustable structure.It is su..
₺115.00 ₺150.00
Ex Tax:₺115.00
RayBan Metal Eyeglasses Arms And Temples
NEW Hot --10 %
Brand: Ray-Ban Model: RB-003
Metal stem arm and plastic stem tips for Ray-Ban Pilot glasses models.SilverSmokedGoldBlack color options are available.Package includes 1 pair of glasses.Some models of compatible Ray-Ban Glasses: RB8247 - RB3025 - RB3136..
₺159.30 ₺145.00
Ex Tax:₺135.00
Vinleks Leather Belt Attached Glasses Case
NEW -11 %
Model: ST-102
Thanks to the specially designed hard plastic material inside, it prevents the glasses from breaking.It is attached to the belt for easy carrying...
₺40.00 ₺45.00
Ex Tax:₺40.00
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