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About Us

BVER™ is actually the name of a passion. Do not be misled by the impression that we are a foreign company. “What does it mean?” from our customers. To answer the question and the impression in mind: Our brand, which consists of the abbreviations Büşra and Resul, is just the name of a platform where we carried our business philosophy to e-commerce.

We aim to be a gateway to the world of women's accessories and home decorative products, as well as many different products on eyeglasses, eyeglass accessories and eyeglass spare parts.

We have blended our Tahtakale trade culture, which has been given for years, with today's conditions and the requirements of the age.

Glasses chain, glasses accessories, etc. that we sell. In addition to the domestic retail and wholesale trade of products; We also carry out wholesale exports to the whole world, especially to Europe, North Africa and East Asia.

We address customer needs with the perspective of thinking about solving their problems.

Focusing on reliability, customer satisfaction and uniqueness, we offer you eyeglasses accessories, eyeglasses spare parts, women's accessories.
and home decors, we are committed to providing the best in products.