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Model: BFE-503
1st Class quality white OPAQUE PP (Polypropylene) adhesive barcode label with dimensions of 22*27 mm.It can be easily used in the usage area of 30*25 mm labels.Attention: In order to print on this Label, Wax-Resin ribbon must be used.This opaque pp barcode label is specially produced to be pasted on..
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Model: BFE-502
1st Class quality white thermal adhesive barcode label with dimensions of 22*27 mm (22 mm height in flow direction; 27 mm width from right to left).It can be easily used in the usage area of 30*25 mm labels.This thermal barcode label has been specially produced to be pasted on the following plastic ..
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Plastic Price Tag - For Optical and Sunglasses / 500 Pieces
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Model: BFE-501
Specially designed for both thin-stemmed and thick-stemmed glasses; Plastic ice gray price tag that snaps onto the temple of the glasses.It is designed with a suitable size that can also be used for optical glasses or sunglasses.Label area size: 3cm*2.5cmTail Length: 2.5cmTail Width: 1.1 cmThere are..
Ex Tax:₺400.00
Model: US-003
tips with medium hard silicone structure adapt to many glasses made of silicone material.Package includes 1 Pair of glasses...
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Brand: Ray-Ban Model: RB-004
Plastic Rayban eyeglasses stem ends suitable for the ends of the round metal temples.Brown/Black and Transparent color options are available.Package includes 1 Pair of Glasses stem tip...
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Model: PTI-301
Polarized TesterPolarized test image in medium photo size, used to understand whether polarized eyeglass lenses are polarized. When viewed with the naked eye, only the main theme image of the photo is visible; When checked with polarized glasses, it shows that hidden figures such as airplane, car, f..
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Police Sunglasses Nose Cap Metal Middle Bridge
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Brand: Police Model: PLC-005
Metal nosepiece is the middle bridge of Police brand sunglasses.There is a pair of silicone nose pads on the metal bridge and a screw for mounting...
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Model: OP-203
Whole (solid) orthopedic silicone eyeglass nosepiece plate.Different models are available for children and adults.There are two different types of nose pads as screwed and plug-in. Please pay attention to whether the part attached to the glasses is screw or plug-in when ordering.There is 1 plaque in..
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Model: KPS-007
You can turn your glasses into sunglasses with this polarized eyeglass clip with clip designed for use in all kinds of far/near prescription glasses. Polarized clip-on models allow prescription glasses wearers to attach to their glasses and use them as sunglasses. And you don't have to take off your..
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Brand: Persol Model: PRL-015
Metal eyeglass nosepiece with silicone coating on the outside.Screw model nosepiece used especially for Persol glasses.1 Pair/Pack..
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Brand: Stepper Model: STP-20
Original nosepeds produced for Silhouette brand glasses frame not only reduce the weight on your nose with their soft silicone texture; It provides a comfortable position for the glasses.There are 2 Pairs (4 Pieces) nose pads in the package...
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Model: KPS-006
You can use your glasses without the need for night vision goggles, with this polarized latch anti-light night vision clip designed for use in all kinds of far/near prescription glasses. Polarized clip-on models provide a more comfortable view and driving by passivating oncoming vehicle and surround..
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