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Eyeglass Care

Model: OP-204
In the mini eyeglasses screwdriver designed to be carried in your pocket, as a key chain or in your bag to be used in eyeglasses screws;-Flat End-Star Fly-Square Nut-Star NutEnds are available.It comes with 2 pairs of silicone nose pads and screws as a gift...
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Chamois-Textured Jewelery and Screen Cleaning Cloth 30*30 cm
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Model: GDR-001
Gold, Silver, Diamond, Watch, Jewelry, Glasses, Phone/Tablet/Computer Screen, Auto Glass, Camera and Camera Lens Wiping ClothIt provides professional polishing and cleaning for many surfaces with its full microfiber structure, chamois texture and dust-free feature.It measures 30*30 cm...
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Model: AFC-001
Warm air carries more moisture than cold air. Therefore, when hot and humid air encounters a cold environment, it becomes unable to carry all of the moisture it contains, as its temperature decreases. Thus, it leaves the excess moisture it contains on a cold surface such as a window or eyeglass. Thi..
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Model: SET-001
Eyeglass/Camera/Tablet/Phone and Computer Screen Cleaning Spray SetGlass cleaning solution; Thanks to its special formula, it shines your glasses, phone, tablet, television, camera lenses and computer screens.A quality microfiber glass wiping cloth, measuring 15*18cm, helps you easily clean stains a..
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