We all know what it's like to just put on a new pair of shoes and feel rich. Even on the most boring day, we suddenly feel like the sun has risen again, just thanks to this new look. In fact, any new accessory will do, especially a sparkly chain or cool eyeglasses on a colored cord. The eyeglass chain is not just a summer craze, it also gives a glowing focal point to dark and thick outerwear that looks great with winter outfits for both men and women.

Jewelry That Enriches Eyeglasses: Eyeglass Chains

The things Gucci chief designer Alessandro Michele brought to the runway weren't always the kind of casual wear. The Italian designer has a good knack for designing it in pieces and ready for use. The eyeglass chain is one such example. Eyeglass chains were stuffy in the seventies, but now they instantly turn every ordinary frame into a sensational key piece in all innovative eyeglasses. Not only does it make every outfit look pleasing to the eye, it also prevents prescription glasses, sunglasses or computer glasses from falling or leaving them in place.