Protective glasses are a special type of glasses designed to protect the eyes of people who do sports and to increase their performance. It has benefits such as eye protection, contrast enhancement, anti-glare, comfort and clear vision.

Until recently, safety glasses were only used by athletes. Today, sports glasses can be seen by almost anyone holding a ball or racket in tournaments, whether professional or amateur athletes. Many eye injuries are observed in our country every year. Some of these injuries occur in sports accidents. Sports accidents can occur in the form of ball strikes; In sports such as football and basketball, which involve close contact, it can also occur in the form of finger and elbow strikes to the eye. Even while swimming, eye injuries can occur due to collisions.

Thanks to the protective glasses used while doing sports, you can protect your eyes from external factors and increase your performance. The benefits of safety glasses include eye protection, contrast enhancement, anti-glare, comfort and clear vision. Sports glasses protect your eyes from sun rays, wind, dust and other harmful substances. At the same time, it provides a clearer and sharper image by increasing the contrast. This helps athletes see their targets better and move more accurately. Sports glasses are equipped with anti-glare coatings. This ensures that athletes have as clear vision as possible, even when moving in bright sunlight. Sports glasses made of light and flexible materials allow athletes to wear them for a long time. They offer high comfort and clearer vision as they are designed to improve the performance of athletes.

Sports glasses are widely used to avoid exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays, especially when doing outdoor sports. There are also goggles specially designed for certain sports. For example, for sports such as swimming, diving and skiing, waterproof and anti-evaporation glasses are preferred, while for sports such as cycling, running and tennis, light and flexible framed glasses are preferred.
It is recommended to use glasses in basketball, cycling, rally, golf, motor sports, running, tennis and winter sports. Glasses used while doing sports are used for various purposes:

     Sun protection and comfort in outdoor sports
     Seeing the ball more clearly
     Protection from eye injuries

In protective sports glasses, “polycarbonate glass” is used as eyeglass lenses. Polycarbonate glass is an impact resistant material, it also includes an anti-scratch coating and an ultraviolet filter. The frame style varies according to the sport type, but more durable materials are chosen as the frame material.